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Helping You Thrive

Through the Peace-Motivation-Focus Approach, I work one-on-one with women during a major life transition to heal, teach and guide. Using a combination of hands-on holistic and therapeutic healing and focused coaching techniques, together we learn to turn obstacles into opportunities and position you to thrive in the next stage of your life.

6 Week Holistic Life and Transition Coaching Program using Peace/Motivation/Focus Approach

  • 12 session package includes 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks

  • Regular check-ins and personalized support

  • Self-love transformation and Healing using Holistic ThetaHealing®, Reiki, Energy Work, Essential Oils, Crystal Therapy, Mediation, Visualization, Breath work, and intuitive guidance.

  • Positive Coaching Techniques for lasting change

  • Virtual or in-person


$2400 Flat fee for 12 session Package

Individual Life Coaching Sessions

60 minute session $250/hr

Breathing Meditation
one on one healing.jpg

One-on-One Healing Services

  • Intuitive Guided Meditation: $125 / $100 Virtual

  • Reiki Healing - $135 / $120 Virtual

  • ThetaHealing - $160/ $145 Virtual


Reiki (USUI System):

Using this modality I guide you through mental, emotional, and spiritual healing by energetically working on your aura & chakras. Reiki consists of working on key energy points, through the laying of hands. This entails my hands being placed on different areas of your head, body and limbs, in order to activate or balance the vital energy. In virtual sessions, I connect with you energetically. These zones coincide with organs, glands or bodily systems or with energy points called chakras. During an average Reiki session, you will feel a deep inner relaxation and a clear mind with a great feeling of peace.



Through the use of spiritual philosophy, I use this meditation technique as a way to assist you in the improvement and evolvement of your overall mind, body, and spirit. ThetaHealing® is an energy healing technique which uses the theta brainwave frequency to identify limiting beliefs and negative patterns that prevent us from accessing all the potential that exists in us and directly influences our reality. The ThetaHealing® modality brings these beliefs from the subconscious into the conscious, reprogramming, and empowering us to make that change happen at the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Beyond Birth Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Support

  • Virtual Birth Plan Consultation

  • Virtual Labor and Birth Support

  • Virtual Post-Partum Doula Support

  • Virtual Hourly Coaching and One-on-One Birth Related Support

High Five
Butterfly Babies NYC

ButterflyBabies NYC (

  • In-person Doula and Birth Support (Limited number of NYC births per year, please inquire for details on comprehensive doula services)

Beyond Birth: Virtual Labor and Birth Planning - $1000 Package

  • Professional support developing a labor and birth plan for expectant parents

  • Access to knowledge and resources of a professionally trained Doula since 2007.

  • Includes 2 prenatal consults to help craft birth preferences/vision, go over labor comfort measures and birthing techniques.

  • 1 postpartum consultation to help establish feeding/breastfeeding program, check in on baby care and new parents' recovery. Includes curated tips and techniques to help during first critical postpartum weeks.

  • Daily email/text support (9am-8pm) for reassurance and questions, and access to collection of curated birth and newborn resources.

  • Does not include on-call support, support during actual labor/birth, or postpartum support. These services can be found in my Butterfly Babies In Person Labor & Birth Doula Package

Beyond Birth 1000 package.jpg
BB Virtual 1000 opt 2.jpg

Beyond Birth: Virtual Labor and Birth Doula Support: $2000

  • 2 customized virtual prenatal sessions (can include topics such as a review of the stages of labor, timing contractions, how to know when labor begins, how to labor with your partner or by yourself at the hospital)

  • Building birth preferences, discussion of several comfort strategies and medical interventions available if interested

  • -24hr phone support starting 3 weeks prior to your EDD

  • Continuous virtual support throughout your labor & birth

  • During early labor: virtual/phone instruction on labor positions & comfort techniques/guidance on when to go to the hospital/reassurance on what may be normal

  • At the hospital: virtual/phone reminders on navigating the medical system/talking through tough decisions if they become necessary/instruction on how to navigate interventions if they come up/being a centering & calming presence

  • Postpartum: initial latch support following the birth/going over what to expect for the next few days

  • 1 Virtual postpartum session

Beyond Birth: Virtual Post-Partum Support- $1200 (12 hour package)

  • Non-medical virtual and emotional support after the birth.

  • Help with self-care recovery measures, personalized information on new-parent and baby care, guidance on newborn care and feeding, and aid with meal preparation ideas.

  • After the initial package, option to purchase an additional 12-hour virtual-package or do hourly sessions


This service encompasses the wellbeing of the entire family unit as a whole, and includes new parent & on-going coaching.

Beyond Birth Virtual Support 1200.jpg
Beyond Birth Hourly.jpg

Beyond Birth: Virtual Coaching and One-on-One Hourly Support - $150/hr

  • Hourly sessions can be purchased as needed prenatally and during your postpartum period.

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